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game in life

About Me

The chronicles of spellborn Introduction

Today I tell you tcos money about the game. Ages ago an army of enslaved humans and their slavers revolted against the masters and destroyed the main energy source of their suppressors: the Altar of the Undying. After the destruction of the Altar, a powerful magical surge sent a shockwave of unrelenting energy throughout the Empire of the Eight Demons, covering it wholly in a thick layer of ice and plunging it into a time of utter darkness. The world ended.


To this day scholars still argue about the exact time but at least five centuries later the surviving humans and daevi awoke to find themselves in an existence that had changed forever. Their once bright heavens and beautiful skies had turned into a thick layer of rock. Outside of it a swirling maelstrom of burning magical energy engulfed all the remnants of a storm of dead spells.

Set within a dark post-apocalyptic fantasy world, you will assume the role of a hero bound to find the secrets that lie hidden in the past, present and future.


Within hollow rock-realms known as Shards, floating in the confines of the magical Dead spell Storm, a civilization consisting of humans and daevi struggles to rediscover the pieces of their shattered world. This civilization is known as the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. Although most of the Shards are known to the Enclave, myths and legends tell of many strange and wonderful Shards but these are almost certainly derived from the stories of those that struggled to survive the aftermath of the destruction of the Ancestor World.


If you want to buy tcos Gold, you can come here.


Posted: 02:21, 2009-Apr-27
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How to make money in Fiesta

You need fiesta Gold in the game.

The following tips are about the ways of making money in Fiesta Online, if you are interested you can read it!

1) Killing monsters and selling the drops, mainly to an NPC. The amount of money you get from drops increases with your level and the type of monsters you actually get to kill (While gaining exp, and therefore, more levels) This also applies to the money you get from quests, quests give you money too, and the amount they give goes up with your level too. Since doing quests is something you have to do, and so is drops, this method is essential and unavoidable.

2) There are special areas where option 1 can be applied to its full extent: The abyss. This PVP area is a place where you can get lots of drops, that actually make you good money when you sell them, and there??s also a higher probability of getting equipment drops from the monsters here, to make option 2 effective.

On a final note, those players you see sporting level 30-40 +9 weapons, or paid them with their higher characters, or enhanced them themselves You mentioned 2G... and weapons on that tier aren??t really worth 2G, be on the lookout for good prices, a bargain is always crawling near

Thank you for your attention! Is here anyone needs to buy Fiesta Gold, here we provide at very low price for helping you save your money! Have a look!

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Eve Online Overview

EVE is a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a science-fiction based on a persistent world. You can earn eve isk or buy eve online isk in the game. Players take the role of spaceship pilots seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy.

What is the setting for EVE?

The game is set in part of the universe that is currently unknown. The game world consists of about 5,000 solar systems. When EVE was released in May 2003, about half of these systems were available for exploration, enabling players to more easily establish "hot spots" - centralized locations for trade, commerce and combat ?C based on their activities. As the population in EVE grows, more systems are made available to avoid overcrowding.

What defines a character in EVE?

A unique name and appearance, created by you, identifies your character. During character generation, you select not only your gender and race, but the fully-customizable character creation tools even offer you the opportunity to manipulate (or ?°morph?±) your facial features, giving you the opportunity to create a character unlike any other. The final result is your avatar portrait, which is visible to other players in several ways, including our message boards and in-game chat channels.

Posted: 02:19, 2009-Apr-27
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Dofus: Equipment

In this article I tell you something about equipment. In the game you can get it or use dofus kamas or dofus gold to buy it. Enjoy it?­

Level 1- 37: Adventure set all the way! This set gives you around 40 to 50 for all stats and you need the strength, agility, vitality, and wisdom for some of the monsters considering at this level Heads or Tails is not going to do much damage in Dofus.

Level 38~45: PRESPIC set! This gives you a ton of wisdom, which you need in order to level up faster and more efficiently. Although you may not notice the difference now, it's there.

For boots I suggest going with some GOBBALL Boots that have good vitality. PRESPIC set gives no vitality at all and if you've been putting your points in only strength you'll be left with the 46 HP you started with at level 1.

Level 46~: Okay, this time you'd want to buy yourself a Green Scaraset. Good strength and vitality, however, I tend to use PRESPIC Set for wisdom even when at this level. So, think of it as a party set. You'll be wearing it to fight high leveled monsters.

For example, I use the set when I'm fighting with my friends in the last room of the GOBBALL Dungeon. However, if you want to do more damage to make your fights go more quickly I suggest wearing the Green Scaraset, Tonata Staff, Palid Amulet.

You'd still get some decent wisdom (around 92) and good strength and vitality. If you're looking for some good strength equipment mixed with the Green Scaraset I go with some Treeboots, Treering, Treestaff, and an Arachnacamu.

This will give you some good set bonuses from the Tree Set (so more strength and vitality) and with the Green Scaraset it'll be a good "fighting" set.

Posted: 02:17, 2009-Apr-27
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Maplestory: advantages and disadvantages of mage

If you have just started to play Maplestory, then this is the portion you should read. Mages are a very common class in the MAPLESTORY which you need use maple mesos to play in the game. They attack at the range using magical spells, using wands and staffs to boost their spell damage.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Mage? Here I will introduce mage Pros and cons for you.

The first: Pros:

They can attack at the range or up close.

They are by far the most powerful class during the 1st job advancement. You will level very fast after level 15. During this time, you must keep your mesos, or you will fall down deeply.

They have much MP.

They have ridiculously fast MP recovery rates, meaning you spend a lot less on MP potions than other classes.

Magic Claw can attack through walls.

Using the Magic Claw is very stable damage.

After 2nd job they can teleport, and absorb their enemies MP.

Can essentially use their MP bar as their HP once they max out Magic Guard, meaning they can take a lot more punishment.

By the way, you can consider cheap mesos as your character, and use maplestory mesos to get a higher level for your character in short time.

The second: Cons:

Cannot jump and then attack while in the air.

Have the lowest HP out of all the classes.

Mage gear tends to be expensive since so many people play mages.

Some people don??t like mages as they have a bit of a reputation as ?°KSERS?±, so be prepared for some people to be rude to you.

Tend to get weaker after the 2nd job advancement compare to the other classes.

Taking damage from your MP bar (once you have Magic Guard) is expensive. MP potions essentially cost twice as much as HP potions.

  The preparation and this process are very difficult to grasp its sense of proportion. Of course, there is enough maple story mesos to buy weapons and form a team is the best. And also, we face energy if we are a Roland for an Oliver, you can see a wonderful station, because heroes fight heroes who need skills and bund. Do not look down, or you will eat bad food.

Posted: 23:59, 2009-Apr-1
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We are absolute

I begin to be tired of the life that I always think of others. When I graduated from the high school, I have not seen him for more than 4 years. In those days, I often met him online, maybe he knew that I could not forget him, often wait him online to chat with him. Prior to deliberately not to always think about him, for fear that it will lose its self, and now, I found that my worries are uncalled for, because it will only suffer my own. He was my schoolmate and we live not far away.

He was a good talker and is also a good sense of humor. I knew that we talked about the same game we play, it was named Flyff, at that time, he has already got to grade 65, he is a master of the game I think. He gave his flyff penya to me. He took me to play games and he never said to me to let me to be his girlfriend, but I felt that he liked me. Because he spent all his time to play games with me and he did not do well in study. I persuade him to control the time playing games, but he did not flow me. I asked him whether flyff money was more import than his future or not, but he did not answer my question.

  For a long time, he did not talk to me anymore, I was deeply hurt. I still could not help sending text messages to him. Good feelings of my vulnerability, I almost cried out, I want to say it is because I miss him. Face to his laugh, I would not say my feeling. I still remembered that he did not rap to me for getting more and more flyff gold. Is it in his eyes I do not major such as games? We must take good care of emotions in our dairy life, otherwise you will regret it. Not long before, he asked me to forgive him; he said that he sold all his cheap penya to his friend. Obsessed with the game he drops a lot of wonderful things, such as lover, future and so on. I told him that if he aware these it is not too late. I am very grateful to those who buy flyff penya maybe help him to get out.

  In the end we could meet together maybe we have no feeling like that in the first place.

Posted: 23:51, 2009-Apr-1
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The description about Shaiya Races

Hello, all shaiya fellow players, here this guide is about the simple description of shaiya races which you need to buy shaiya gold to play in the game for NEWBIES, if you are interested in it, read it now.


Humans include the classes of Fighter, Defender, and Priest. Newest to the lands of Tios are the humans. Spiritual, strong and swift, the Humans are natural complement to the magical Elves. Brought to Tios by the Goddesses, the hope was that the Humans would help restore balance and unity. Unfortunately, the Humans got swept up into the chaos, and the Elves were the first to assist them. If you want to continue this you need have enough shaiya gold.


The elves race includes the classes of Archer, Ranger, and Mage. Methodical, deliberate, and smart are just some of the words used to describe the Elves. The Elves, like the Vail, are descendents from the Dumianas. The Laws of Nature are very important to the Elves, and their society relies on order and discipline. The Elves are in constant conflict in their attempts to keep the monsters of Tios outside of their borders. The magical Elves are the chosen of the Goddess of Light. You can use shaiya money to choose role, because in life we can use money to settle matters.


Deatheater race includes the class warrior, guardian, and hunter. Towards the end of the great wars, the Goddesses who control the cheap shaiya gold order to created the Nordein to help protect Tios. Although she is the top leader in the game, we can also use gold to control her and achieve our aims. The Nordein or ?°Deatheaters?± have every appearance of being brutish and unintelligent, violent and aggressive. But this race of Ancients is a book that should not be judged by its cover. In the wars that followed their appearance on Tios, the Nordein acquired a disdain for magic and choose not to use it often, if at all. This is likely one reason that they sided with the spiritual Vail, and not the magical Elves.

Guys, if you have been a veteran in this game, welcome to our website, here has more further into for you, if you need, contact to us, we also offer you shaiya online gold. Wish you have a good time in the game including our website.

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Runescape: Training Slayer

Games are the most important key to its attitude towards you, and cherish its every step. Like life, our family, and friends, because of our self-willed, and we will hurt their hearts. We want mutual understanding, mutual help, in order to have a better mood to face disappointments in life.

Here are the Runescape which you need use runescape gold to play in the game quests you should consider doing as a mauler and the reasons for them. Hope it is useful to you and you can do it very well. How to settle others you can obey these, you can find them useful and you will be skillful in this game.

Swept away:

The first of all do the quest?± Swept away?±, which needs also your runescape money to achieve this task, you can build a good feeling with the friends who play the game with together. In the game, you are not independent, someone can guide you around the adoption of better killing, and that you would better value rs gold, it takes no longer then 15 minutes and will boots your slayer quick, awarding 10 experience lamps. You can make friends in the same game, because they maybe have more skills than you. Have no chance to change is your error, and you need to change your views and your attitude. In this world, we are together, we must see each other, if we are often to treat our friends blandly, and we will become no friend around us.

Unless you do?± Priest in Peril?± the only slayer master you can use ?°Turael?± in Burthorpe. In the South of small house is the general store, his tasks are lame and will get you nowhere. The best result that you can get is to buy runescape and than you need make use full of it, you will be success. You can not view a slayer lowly, and you should be careful when you face them.

Great so no you have a combat of 40 and a slayer level of around 15 from quests and lamps, so now it is the time to get 55 players, be prepared it is long!

We have a great mass of cheap rs gold in stock. If you are in urgent need of it, welcome to place orders from us, we will deliver the gold at the lowest price in an instant.

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Touching Story

A foolish boy hears of a kind of game, named Adventure Islanded there are so many beauties in it. Because of his advertorial spirit, he decided to play it. He decided to play Warrior because he just knew warrior was not easy to die, he did not consider how great the magic is how great the darts is, he just knew he love the role. When he plays the game, he just plays it for fun. In his view, game is just relaxation. A month later, the boy play the game 15, he is still in the rainbow island where he was born.

Sometime he talks maple mesos with snail, and run after bee. He was very happy, and he lives a carefree life. He goes on to play the game, and at this time he could forget all the unhappy things. Think seriously, it is worth that he spent much mesos to get happiness. One day, the foolish boy killed some snails in order to save a weak girl, but the weak girl was unhappy, she said as an amends he should help her to game 10.Because of his error, he promised.

From then on, they are familiar with each other, they are playing looking at sky and spending cheap mesos to play more other games. The foolish boy feels so happy, he thinks that girl is his happiness, and the happiness is none business of maplestory mesos.

The girl looks good, and she is a kind people, she tell many things of games to the foolish boy, and she promised when her game become 10, she gives some equipments to he. He was very happy, he wants maple story mesos.Later he and she left the rainbow island. On the way, he protected her, and he gives all his money to she, and he left in order to find his ambition. He died twice because he has no money to buy pill. He gives what he can give to the girl. However, the girl hurts his heart. She just make use of he, she did not love him. He is a real foolish boy, until now, he did not believe that weak girl is a bilker. He still protects the lovely girl. Reality is cruel. The girl cheated a lot of card. When he met the girl again, she is a strong player already. He was afraid that he could not see the girl, he loves her .He loves her very much. Sometimes he said to himself, he could not fall in love with the girl, she is just making use of him, and she is a cheat. But he can not control himself. What should he do? Who can help him? No one replies him. In the world, the people who can help him are only he. Finally, he gets up enough nerve to stop the girl, and said, I love you.


Posted: 00:36, 2009-Apr-1
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Flyff: a bright sky

When I say sky, you can just think out things which can fly. In fact I am the same to you. You know flying things all still are admiring, because they can be far from the load and see more new world. Their views are different from us, and we are only living on the road. In a word, in the world, everything has its own rule and the way how to live. We have no power to change world and nature, and we only obey this law.

  Flying things maybe have their own questions and trouble, only we do not know how to understand their words. But we can think that they are wise and wide, because they can fly in the sky. Like the game which you need enter into and use flyff penya to play this game.

  During this game, you can control everything of it, and you need to read its rule and you are very familiar with it. At that condition, how to play and advance all are under the control of you. You could not forget it, and you need get flyff money too. Only you have it, you can continue your work and achieve your duty.

  If your flyff gold which wad used in the game has not enough, you need think out an idea. Or this game is over. You need play from cover to cover, and your efforts would be slighting. You want to drop your marks, and try again! You know, you need more efforts to continue playing it. We are all common people, we all value it and we could not drop it easily.

  We can buy flyff penya when we find it is not enough or we fail this game, and also, we can fly slowly to enjoy the sights of roads we have passed. We would find this sky is different from what we have imaged, and we now can use our heart to enjoy this bright sky and calm woods, like a poem.

  We can also enjoy other cheap penya, but you need exchange your things for it. On the internet, only you try and use your brain, there will be nothing can forbid you doing anything. You can enjoy what you like.

  Our sky is bright too. We can admire butterfly that can fly, but we now have plane too. We can enjoy what they have. Our attitude is important, if we need higher view, we can drop our trouble and loose heart. Have a try.  

Posted: 00:32, 2009-Apr-1
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Shaiya: The most familiar stranger

Do you still remember that the sea was bright by the moon out of the window? Do you still remember that it is love making each other lighting the night? Why later we use silence to replace reliance. At one time, the starry sky in haze gradually. Then the shaiya gold loses light in the sky.

I left with a broken heart. Turn around to go back to the beginning scene of desolation, waiting. For the loneness, if I should find a person to fill the empty heart. We have become the most familiar stranger in the world. The shaiya money is still stranger. In the future, twists and turns are around us, we will be sorrow separately. Only blame we love so rough so deep.

As a result, the dream wake up, run aground, be silent, but can not focus on attention.

If I can stand the exciting soul in the party, maybe tonight I will not make myself sink in the thoughts. What the cheap shaiya gold, is no longer existing.

The moon recorded the feelings warmly, stars wink in the sky. There is your voice in the air. We gradually narrow the gap. The song slowly melt the cold, moving has become the scenery in the life. Your temperature is in the air, could it be able to be closer? Even if more shaiya online gold, it still can not replace it.

We are both familiar and stranger. The trouble can heal the wizard of the night.

The night sky promises a sweet wish, making you not lonely in the starry sky. We have become clear, everything has become calmer. The sad story is always the most beautiful, can convey your feeling in the starry sky. Separate the sky belongs to us, could not be closer.

Love has weight, carries a person, the weight is no more than a hundred. Put it in heart, weigh a thousand. It is the forever miss, can not be cut in the life.

We have been the most familiar stranger in the world. The starry sky is light. Remember the days that we went to buy shaiya gold to become familiar. How beautiful the day it was! I know we could not go back to before. You know we have become stranger, we could not return. The life returns again, but we could not return. In the near future, at one day, hope we could be like a friend.

Posted: 00:31, 2009-Apr-1
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RS: the process I depend on him

At the first time he aspire after me, I did not love him very much, because of his honest and impressments and also his kind, I comply him to be his girlfriend. He was so happy that time and he told me he will look after me all my life. I was inspired and tears come down that time. The next time, I gradually find him likes the runescape gold which is his favorite game. It is heard from one of his good friend. He never told me he likes it and I never see him play the game in front of me.

Then one day I ask him if he likes to play the game RS, he is surprise to see me and ask what I can know this. I smile and do not tell him. He tells me he really likes the game and he also have some rs gold, but till the time he promise me to look after me, he decided to give up the game and pay his attention to me.

I never thought in his heart I am such important to him. Actually, he treats me very well these times. But I never treat him well and do not strict to our relationship. From now on, I decide to carefully to regard our relationship. I also want to give back his runescape money in order that he will not give up his likes.

The action I will do is not because I love him very much but I want to respond his kind to me. And I do not let him sacrifice so much on me. Maybe now it is unvalued. At the beginning, I should know something about the game, and then I should buy runescape to learn how to play the game. When the time is ripe, I will show my skill on the game, I would say to him I want to play the game, if he loves me, he must play with me. So that my purpose will come true and on the other hand, he will get back his game.

Two weeks later, I go to find him and take him together with me to a place, I let him bring his cheap rs gold with him. Though he can not understand me, he still does as me. Then I tell him I want to play the game RS, he asks me whether I can play it. I say I can.

When we are in the game we work together and play very well, I can see he is very happy in this game and a little attractive, I think I nearly love him and a little depend on him.

Posted: 00:24, 2009-Apr-1
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A common day about Mesos

Winter was already come. And it was getting colder and colder. I even can not bearing the cold. And it was so hard to get up in the morning in such a cold day. I even do not want to go to work. But it was necessary to go to work. During the time on the bus (the weather was so cold that I do not want to ride my motorbike) I have heard two students kept talking about the maple mesos.I was so familiar with mesos what I played in my college life. So when I heard of it, I began to yearn the unforgettable time in college. And I thought it has been a long time that I leave the game. Maybe I should play it again in my spare time. Maple strory mesos was the full prove of my youth.

When I was in the work, I kept thinking about the game. I remember the times spent with my friends in my college. Suddenly I feel lose something vital to my life. After I was graduated, we have not contact each other. I do not know their situation about life, about their works. And so do them. The whole day I was so sad.

After I back to home, I was can not waiting for finding the game. I input my account for several times. It was really a long time. I could not remember the password. After another several times, I finally logged in. I saw a very different edition, maplestory mesos seemed become more attractive. I used some cheap mesos to reform my equipment. Then I start a reminiscent trip in the game world. But it was already 10:00am. It was time to sleep. So after a short memory, I went to my bed. But it is hard for me to get to sleep. The times in the past was flashed in my brain. I remember we went together to the Internet bar to practice the level. We fight the enemies together. We were really good students at that times. But why now, we even lose the connection? That night, I experience insomnia.

But everything is developing. I should look forward. There will be someday we can meet again. Till that day, maybe we can memory the unforgettable times together. Now, it is high time to work hard. For the future day we meet, I should pray for the distant friends, hope they all have a nice day.

Posted: 21:23, 2009-Mar-29
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Love is invaluable

A reader in Florida apparently bruised by some personal experience writes in to complain, if I steal some flyff penya worth of merchandise, I am a thief and punished, but if I steal the love of the wife of the others, I am free.

This is a prevalent misconception in minds of many people that love, like merchandise worth of some flyff money can be stolen. Numerous states, in fact, have enacted laws allowing damages for alienation of affections.

But love is not a commodity; the real thing cannot be bought, sold, traded or stolen. It is an act of the will, a turning of the emotions, and a change in the climate of the personality.

When a husband of wife is stolen by another person, that husband or wife was already ripe for the stealing, and was already predisposed toward a new partner. The love-bandit was only taking what was waiting to be taken like the flyff gold, what wanted to be taken,

We tend to treat persons like goods. We even speak of children belonging to their parents. But nobody belongs to anyone else. Each person belongs to himself.

Children are entrusted to their parents, and if their parents do not treat them properly, the state has a right to remove them from their trusteeship of parents.

Most of us, when young, had the experience of a sweetheart being taken from us by somebody more attractive and more appealing. At the time, we may have resented this intruder who came to buy flyff penya, we grew older, and we recognized that the sweetheart had never been ours to begin with. It was not the intruder that caused the break, but the lack of a real relationship.

On the surface, many marriages seem to break up because of a third party. This is, however, a psychological illusion. The other woman or the other man merely serves as a pretext for dissolving a marriage that had already lost its essential integrity. Like the goods you do not like, you will not buy them even they just worth of cheap penya.

We should not treat love as goods. They cannot be exchanged. Do love have different price for different persons? If it does, then I think it is not a real love. So what is real love? I really do not know. But I know love is saintly, pure and invaluable.

Posted: 21:23, 2009-Mar-29
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An Encounter

At age eighteen, I left my home in Brooklyn, New York with my shaiya gold, and went off to study history at Leeds University in Yorkshire, England. It was an exciting but stressful time in my life, for while trying to adjust to the novelty of unfamiliar surroundings, I was still learning to cope with the all-too-familiar pain of the death my father, an event with which I had not yet come to terms.

While at the market one day with my shaiya money in my pocket, trying to decide which bunch of flowers would best brighten up my comfortable but colorless student digs, I spied an elderly gentleman having difficulty holding onto his walking stick and his bag of apples. I rushed over and relieved him of the apples, giving him time to regain his balance.

Thanks, he said in that distinctive Yorkshire lilt I never tire of hearing. I am quite all right now, not to worry? He said, smiling at me not only with his mouth but with a pair of dancing bright blue eyes.

May I walk with you? I inquired. Just to make sure those apples do not become sauce prematurely.

He laughed and said, Now, you are a long way from home, lass. From the States, are you?

New York. I will tell you all about it as we walk?

So began my friendship with Mr. Burns, a man whose smile and warmth would very soon come to mean a great deal to me.

As we walked, Mr. Burns (whom I always addressed as such and never by his first name) leaned heavily on his stick, a stout, gnarled affair that resembled my notion of a biblical staff. When we arrived at his house, I helped him set his parcels bought by his cheap shaiya gold that on the table and insisted on lending a hand with the preparations for his tea that is his meal. I interpreted his weak protest as gratitude for the assistance.

After making his tea, I asked if it would be all right if I came back and visited with him again without any gifts bought by shaiya online gold. I thought I would like looking on him from time to time, to see if he needed anything. With a wink and a smile he replied, I have never been one to turn down an offer from a good-hearted lass?

I came back the next day, at about the same time, so I could help out once more with his evening meal. The great walking stick was a silent reminder of his infirmity, and, though he never asked for help, he did not protest when it was given. That very evening we had our first heart to heart. Mr. Burns asked about my studies, my plans, and, mostly, about my family. I told him that my father had recently died when she came to buy shaiya gold, but I did not offer much else about the relationship I had had with him. In response, he gestured toward the two framed photographs on the end table next to his chair. They were pictures of two different women, one notably older than the other. But the resemblance between the two was striking.

That is Mary, he said, indicating the photograph of the older woman. She has been gone for six years. And that is our Alice. She was a very fine nurse. Losing her was too much for my Mary.

I responded with the tears I had not been able to shed for my own pain. I cried for Mary. I cried for Alice. I cried for Mr. Burns. And I cried for my father to whom I never had the chance to say good-bye.

Posted: 21:22, 2009-Mar-29
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Free experience of RS online

The free zoon of RS online has opened for a certain days. I begin to play it with my friends. I had seen them played it before in the charge zoon. I was attracted by the fancy scene but I do not have too much time to focus on the game. But now, I am in college, too much free time. So I decide to begin the trip on RS online.

After the entering the new server, I find that there is no expert in this zoon at all. In these days, I met some guys who were just like me to play in the mew server. But no one chose expert to update their level. I was wondering why.

I found the reason. The perfect rate is too low in the new server causes this is a free zoon. And I do not care at the beginning, but it is different later.

Well known that you need to buy runescape at the beginning of playing RS. I depend on killing the monster to exchange the runescape gold or sale the equipment for the gold. I always do not have the enough gold for the medicine, and sometimes use the cheap rs gold which was prepared to update skills. And sale the materials gained from the killed monster and several rubbish equipments to earn the gold. I always do not have money to process the mine.

Beside these, the rate of crystal and jewelry is too faint, but we always waste of money to process the ore. It is unreasonable. The topic in this new server is often about the rs gold instead of the enemies they killed.

If the new server keeps on this kind of setup, I do not think there will be a happy ending. The company open this new server must has its reason, but the current situation will force the player to give it up automatically.

If the company promote some activities to let more players get some benefit. Do not you think it will help attract more players to take part in this game? If you do not want to gain this goal, why you promote this free zoon? Is it a mask? All your final goals are to let the players come to the charge zoon? Then everything you have done is so ridiculous. We do not have fun in the free zoon, how can we come the charge zoon to waste of runescape money??

Posted: 21:15, 2009-Mar-29
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We should be happy wherever we are

Now most of the people are complaining about the matter of growing up, pain and dark. They feel that they would not live in the world. Why do we all have forgotten the good aspects of the life?

 I remember someone ever said, you could be happy to live, or you could be sad to live, the option is upon you. If that, why not to have been happy to make a living?

 There is only one life, however, we should grow up. The certain things will come someday or later, we could not control it. Maybe there are a lot of happiness and unhappiness, but you should not the only one that encountered these things. Maybe you are suffering when you encounter these things, but in fact, the most important thing is to release your mentality. No matter how the outside world is, we should maintain a pure and good heart.

 I was very unlucky in the past few days whether in the game or in the reality, whether material or emotional. Such a bad luck has been with me until mow. Although I was very unlucky, there were many friends around me, moreover there were my parents who still love me. Furthermore, I was very lucky compared to the people who would be going to die. So from then on, I have made it clear that we should be happy everyday.

 As a matter of fact, we have to be thinking the attitude toward life. A person lives in the world, however, there would be people who will always care about and love you. Sometimes people also live for another one, if you always feel very unlucky, the people who care about you will feel sad and unhappy.

 People should be happy and open-mind, they will find the life is so beautiful. So when I account of the game was lost, I did not blame anyone or anything, even though I knew that my maple mesos would be stolen, also perhaps no mesos would be left. The only thing I thought that the mesos were cheap mesos, because I bought maplestory mesos online, there was a discount to buy maple story mesos online.

 Having said so much, just wanted to tell you that the right to choose is on your hand. You can choose to live in pain or happy.


Posted: 21:07, 2009-Mar-20
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Flyff: The goodness of life

Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be thankful. Though life is goodness can at times be overshadowed, it is never outweighed. For every single act that is senselessly destructive, there are thousands more small, quiet acts of love, kindness and compassion. For every person who seeks to hurt, there are many, many more that devote their lives to helping and to healing. As long as you think that you can play the game in the life and you can earn the flyff penya in the game, it is very good and you will feel the goodness of life.

There is goodness to life that cannot be denied. If you do not want to live alone you can go to play the game to cover your feelings and in the game you can go to brush the flyff money and then you can play the game very happy. You will think that the game is so interesting that you can release yourself in the game. And the life is beautiful you should enjoy your own beautiful life every day.

When I start to play the game I think that the life is beautiful, and I can play the game well. So I always go to play the game after my work to look for my friends in the game. I can get along well with them and sometimes they will give me the flyff gold, they hope that we can all become strong and we can go to kill the monsters together.

In the most magnificent vistas and in the smallest details, look closely, for that goodness always comes shining through. When we feel not happy we can go to buy flyff penya to cover our feelings in the game. There is no limit to the goodness of life. It grows more abundant with each new encounter. The more you experience and appreciate the goodness of life, the more there is to be lived.

Even when the cold winds blow and the world seems to be covered in foggy shadows, the goodness of life lives on. In your life you can get the cheap penya as possible as you can. Open your eyes open your heart, and you will see that goodness is everywhere. Take a moment to let the goodness of life touch your spirit and calm your thoughts. Then, share your good fortune with another. For the goodness of life grows more and more magnificent each time it is given away.

Though the problems constantly scream for attention, and the conflicts appear to rage ever stronger, the goodness of life grows stronger still, quietly, peacefully, with more purpose and meaning than ever before.

Posted: 21:07, 2009-Mar-20
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I am vey calm

To be a women player, and to the love in the game, I would like to say that the game is like a life, if you treat it honestly, it will treat you honestly. Maybe someday in the future, we will not play the game, but for the love, friendship and life in the game, would you remember or forget it? In the game, someone would get happiness, but someone just get some sadness. But all of these are not important, the most important is that we have ever been in a same place, and we have ever been playing the game together, and have been sharing the happiness together with each other. That could not bought by shaiya gold. Maybe after several years, I would forget everything in the game, or maybe I would remember all of the things and it became a good memory. Everything is impossible in the world.

The reason I played the game is that all of my classmates playing it. And they all said that it is an interesting game, and it could be attractive if you once played it. So I began to play it. I have been playing the game until now, it maybe one year now. I would not like to say something about time and shaiya money which I have spent on the game. I just want to say that people love the game because of it is a kind of communication to play the game. No matter friends or enemies in the game, it is a kind of fate when we meet in the game.

In the reality, I am a girl who did not like to talk much. I would like to choose a career like myself in the reality. I would like to say that from the day I played the game, I have got more happiness then sadness in the game. I often thought that how lucky I am. When I play the game, I could often get cheap shaiya gold when I was fighting with monsters. So at last, I have the conclusion that I was born to play this game. But the game is just a game, and we could not mix it with the reality. It is a virtual game, and it is not a life we need.

Now in the game, I have married with a man. And for a long time talking and playing together, I have known that we are studying a same major in the school, but we are not at the same school. In the game, we often play the game together, or when we are lack of shaiya online gold, he would like to buy shaiya gold at once online.

Although some of my friends have left me, but I did not feel lonely, because of him.


Posted: 21:07, 2009-Mar-20
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When I am about to leave, I just want to say one word

I did not know how many nights, all the people were sleeping at night, when I was crazy fighting with monsters. In these days, I have experienced and known what the loneliness was. It has been last for 2 years, and I have spent all the days like this. And also, I have spent a lot of runescape gold on the game. But at last, when I think it over, it is more lose then gain. I have lost many things during the two years.

I have met a girl in the game. And now, no matter how much I have lost, I just want to get her. But I know it is only a dream, it could not come true. When I first to play the game, I have not thought that I would be so deeply addicted into the game. I could not think that I have met a lot of the people in the game, and finally we became the good friends. I also could not think that I have so much rs gold on the game. In the game, I have known what the friendship is, I have known that there are all kinds of people in the world, and I have known that not all of the people are your friends. I have known that maybe you treat the others as friends, but they will not treat you as friends.

I spend the days PK with other and always excited about that. I could always see the people robed others in order to play the game. They have spent all of the runescape money and do not have money to play the game. So they rob the people in order to get some money. I was disappointing about that. Maybe the game has brought much happiness to the players, and in the same time, it has brought much sadness to the others.

When I play the game, I met a girl, she is so quite and beautiful, although I have never met him in the reality, I always think she is also a beautiful girl. At that time, I still believe that there is true love in the game. But I have got it wrong. She just loves my cheap rs gold. Through some days, I have recognize her, when she was lack money, she would like to look for me, and talk much to me, and when she was not lack of money, I even could not find where she is. And several times later, I had been disappointed with her. I buy runescape for her. Then I took her into the strangers?? column. Then we have lost touch with each other.

Posted: 21:04, 2009-Mar-20
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